Mini Mini My Mini Me's

People in my close circle know that I am an only child (but I won't be anymore soon hahaha) that is why I am very close and attached to my cousins especially to the little girls  since there are only few girls among us. Few years ago, I posted in my blog the Little Men in My Life. Now, it's the little girls in my life's turn (sorry Bianca, you don't belong to the "little" category anymore hahaha). I call them my "Mini Me" because there are circumstances wherein they remind me so much of myself. Without further ado, I would like you to meet two of the little girls in my life (please don't grow up too faaaaaaast!!!).


Meet Julia, my ever bibo, smart and beautiful cousin/little sister! As early as now, this little girl is making us proud already because she has achieved some recognition and awards in her school in South Carolina, USA. Julia was born in the US so I never really had the chance to witness her grow up firsthand but thanks to technology like Skype, FaceTime, Viber and Facebook, I'm always updated about her!

Last 2011, she went home in the Philippines and that was one of the happiest years of my life because we finally met in person! Hopefully, she'll come home again in few years time. *ehemmm Tito Hilbert, ehemmmm..*


Personality-wise, I think Carmel would be the little version of myself. Why? Because she is mataray (I am mataray hahaha but depends on the context and situation) but she is a sweet girl. Unlike Julia, I witnessed some of her growing up years because she was born in the Philippines.

But when she turned two, she had to go to the US with her parents. On a positive side, I'm going to see her soon. That's for certain! Finally!! :) *Counting the days... *


Few days from now, Julia is going to celebrate her birthday while Carmel is going home to the Philippines soon. So how do I make things extra special for Julia's birthday and Carmel's homecoming? I have some ideas in my mind. Well this is one - dedicating a blog post for them. On the other hand, I also thought of buying a little something for them. It's kinda hard to choose what's the perfect gift to give to these two because of the various choices you see in the mall like stuffed toys, shoes, accessories, etc and some unique items sold online like those seen in different Instagram pages and how ZALORA offers so many styles of kids apparel.

Anyway, I still have time to think things through and come up with a perfect gift for two of my favorite little girls. :))

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