OTWOL Set Visit

I wouldn't make this post too long anymore. If you read my previous post, I mentioned the most special gift I got for my birthday. I'm not talking about a material thing here. It was a one of a kind experience that's why I have to say it was the most unique birthday gift I received so far. It wouldn't happen if it wasn't for my former student two years ago. For the nth time, thank you so much Bong for taking me to the set of OTWOL. :))) I really find it sweet and touching whenever people you value know what you really like and make an effort to give it or make it happen on your special day. I'm a very sentimental person so I will NEVER forget this! (Actually, my tears are about to fall while writing this post because of too much joy.) Until now, it still feels surreal that I finally met the cast of my favorite local TV show in the history of all primetime teleseryes.

Tita Jack

Lola Pachang

Team Raks not Dead: Kiko and Axel

Clark <3

Hands down to to all the cast that I met including the people behind the camera because they were all so kind and accommodating! You guys really deserve all the love, praise and success you are getting because you put a different kind hard work and dedication for your craft. I'm certainly one proud OTWOLISTA here! :)

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