Exploring the Artsy Side of Beijing

Just like what I mentioned in my previous post, here is the part 2 of my Beijing trip which covers its artsy side and the art enthusiast in me. When my trip was confirmed, I immediately searched for a place in Beijing where my eyes would feast for different kinds of art and thanks to Google, the 798 Art Zone showed up on top of the search results.

According to some of the websites I read, 798 Art Zone is like New York's SOHO. I've never been to New York so I can't really tell their similarities and differences so I'll just leave it there. Comparison aside, I think 798 Art Zone has its distinct feature to offer. Anyway, I don't really mind it being compared to NY because simply looking at art already makes me happy.

I took several photos of various art because wherever you turn, may it be on the main streets of the area up to the small and hidden alleys, art is indeed everywhere!

Galleries and museums are also all over the area so we did some gallery hopping. It's funny how my friends and I were just entering the galleries (because we thought the entrance is free) but we all ended up paying 5 or 10 yuan after every gallery. HAHAHA. Oo nga naman diba? Bakit kasi hindi kami nagbabasa kung free or may bayad? Eh kasi naman hindi malinaw yung signage at hindi namin naiintindihan. Hirap din kasing mag-English mga Chinese eh. Oooops language barrier problems. :-/

Walking around the area was kinda tiring and good thing cafes and hole-in-the-wall stores were also all over place. (A street filled with cafes, restos and hole-in-the-wall stores is another item on my favorite go-to places)

Okay enough of the piggy moments.. back to exploring some installations and sculptures..

But my most favorite part was seeing different murals and graffiti..

Haaay 798! You are an art haven for me! I'm glad I spent a whole day roaming around its streets during my last day in Beijing. :)


destination: BEIJING, CHINA!

I know this is a long overdue post (for the nth time). It's been two months since my Beijing trip and I am only able to blog about it now (ehemmm inuna kasi Jadine, ehemm fangirl, ehemmm priorities). Nevertheless, I still found time to write and share my travel experience in a country rich in history and culture. Speaking of culture and history, I learned to appreciate them more (aside from the fact that I am teaching these topics) because it was really different when you experience other countries' culture and history firsthand. I was able to look at things from a different perspective and the feeling was very refreshing.

My first and second day in Beijing were spent for knowing more about the historical side of China. I usually see these places via books and internet so it was very surreal for me to set my foot in places like The Great Wall of China and Forbidden City. Below are some of the places I visited and the things I did during my trip to China.

1. GREAT WALL OF CHINA. The first place I visited was the Great Wall of China. I was taken away by how those walls were built. If you're a history enthusiast, it took the Ming Dynasty 200 years to build these walls that will serve as a defense system against the invades. Imagine how many people sacrificed their time and lives to finish the Great Wall. The mere idea of it gives me chills.

We also dropped by at a Jade factory. I'm not a fan of such stones but might as well post it. Hehe.

2. BIRD'S NEST/ BEIJING NATIONAL STADIUM. The Chinese built this stadium for the Beijing Olympics held in year 2008.

3. TIANANMEN SQUARE - Our tour guide said that Tiananmen is the largest public square in the world. Wooow. (But my photo doesn't justify how large Tiananmen is)

4. FORBIDDEN CITY - It was called Forbidden City because literally people were forbidden to go the area because it became imperial palace of Chinese dynasties thousands of years ago.

4. SHABU-SHABU!! - it's ironic to eat a dish that is of Japanese origin in China. Hahaha!

5. WALKED AROUND THE STREETS OF BEIJING + (STREET) FOOD TRIP - this has been a must-do for me whenever I travel! Aside from visiting tourist spots, I've been always inclined to discover the not so common side of a place.

But wait... there's more! Part 2 of my blog post will be about exploring the artsy side of Beijing. SOON! :)

P.S. This might be a very helpful information especially if you can't live without the internet and social media. Social media and other websites in China are banned so when I was there, I wasn't able to access my instagram, twitter, facebook, Viber. Google, Yahoo Mail, etc. weren't accessible as well. However, you can access those sites if you're going to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network).