38th: Island Province of Biliran

I mentioned in my previous post that we were supposed to visit Kalanggaman Island. Of course, I always have a Plan B when traveling so we went to the Southern part of Leyte and explored the island province of Biliran. Before, I thought it was part of Leyte but when I talked to a local, I knew that it was already declared as an island province. Never did I know that it will mark as my 38th province in the Philippines.

For some, this place might not ring a bell. So as a way of getting to know more about this not so known paradise, below are some of the must do when in Biliran.

1. Trek different waterfalls. Biliran has a lot of waterfalls waiting to be discovered in its mountainous area. My friends and I visited three waterfalls.


ULAN-ULAN FALLS - I have to say this is the most beautiful for me out of the three.


2. Stop by to appreciate Biliran's Iyusan Rice Terraces.

3. Side trip to Acaban Cave.

4. Morning walk along the serene Talahid Beach.

5. Discover Biliran's islands via island hopping. We were pressed with time so we were only able to visit three islands. Nevertheless, the adventure was still fun!

SAMBAWAN ISLAND - this island has the most breathtaking view from the top



Our Biliran trip was hassle free because someone helped us organize our tour. If you want a worthy tour package, you may visit this website: http://tourism.biliranisland.com/tour-packages.php for more information or contact Kuya Marlon at 09157962324. Thank you Kuya Marlon for making our Biliran trip an awesome experience! :)

HOW TO GET TO BILIRAN (from Tacloban)

From downtown Tacloban, ride a van bound to Naval and from the van terminal, your contact can pick you up there then start the tour. Travel time is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

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