Beach Better Have My Money

As Rihanna would sing it in her song "Bitch, better have my money! Pay me what you owe me, don't act like you forgot!" But since I'm using a beach pun here, let me put things the other way around. A trip to the beach is always a penny's worth for me and it doesn't owe me any of my money spent (depending on how amazing and beautiful the beach is. But as a wise traveler, of course you would choose a beach that is worth visiting. :-p )

Ok enough of the segue. Haha. Let's get started on how my beach trip to the Southernmost part of Luzon went last February. For the 2nd straight month, I traveled with my UP orgmates. (Don't you think we're so clingy? LOL!) We planned this trip during the Chinese New Year long weekend. Our schedule and itinerary were a bit tight yet we still pushed it through.

We left Manila on a Friday night and boarded a deluxe Pe├▒afrancia bus (located at Araneta Center bus terminal) bound to Sorsogon City. It took us 14 hours on the road. Yes it was a long one but I didn't feel tired because we just slept the entire trip and the bus was comfortable. From Sorsogon City, we rode a jeepney bound to Matnog. Travel time was about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We reached Matnog proper past lunch time. Good thing I have relatives there so accommodation and food were no longer a problem in this trip.

After eating lunch, we headed to San Benon Hot Spring and spent the afternoon there for some relaxation after long hours of travel.

Then before having our dinner, we took a quick walk at Matnog Port which is the jump-off point of ROROs bound to provinces in Visayas and Mindanao.

The following day was the highlight of our trip. Our first stop was at Juag Fish Sanctuary.

Next destination: SUBIC BEACH (Yes, Southern Luzon has this so-called beach as well but it's so much different from the Subic we know in Olongapo)

Of all the beaches I've been to, what makes Subic Beach unique is its pinkish white sand.

You might be wondering why is it pinkish? It's because of these pink corals that were crushed through the years.

Channeling the castaways in us.. HAHAHA

We were supposed to visit another island and a lagoon but the weather was not in our favor so we skipped those places and we were also rushing to catch the last bus trip bound to Manila. I told you our schedule was tight (yet we managed)!

What a long weekend that was! Though I had my personal post-trip misadventure, I just didn't mind it because at the end of the day, the important thing here is the memories I create with people who matter to me. :)

To more crazy-filled adventures with you my dear orgmates! So I guess this will be our version of "The Kidult" life. :))))))

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