First of 2016 Adventures

"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before." -- Dalai Lama

The quote above really is one of my travel mantras but sometimes there's a little modification if I am in the good mood for a travel or adventure. So instead of once a year, I'd say "once a month"! (Ang gastos noh? :( Kaya wala akong naiipon eh. But hey, these memories and experiences I get from traveling are one of a kind investment. *pampalubag loob hahahaha*)

Anyway, my first travel/adventure for 2016 was mountain trekking in Mt. Yangbaw (also called Mt. Jumbo) with my orgmates in UP. It is located at Barangay Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet. This was a very spontaneous trip because we were just talking about our plans of going to Baguio and we never knew we were already on an exciting adventure! I love it when I'm with people who are so game even if you do not have concrete plans. :)

My friends and I started trekking at around 5am. Imagine how dark it was going up the mountains so I was kinda challenged because I'm not used to trekking when the sun is not yet up. Plus, it was freezing cold! BRRRRRRRRR. Inspite my mini struggles during the trek, I forgot all of those because the view up there was really amazing! 

And oh, I wasn't able to mention this earlier: The trail is beginner-friendly! It took us around 45 minutes to an hour to reach the top. But this depends on how fast you are.

The view really put is in awe so we took a lot of pictures! But of course, I am only sharing some since this blog is not a photo album. HAHA

Obviously, we really had fun!!!

How to get there:

Since I went there with a group of friends, I think the easiest way was riding a cab to the jump-off point of Mt. Yangbaw. We asked the driver to drop us near Tawang Elementary School since the start of the trek is closer there.

But if you opt to go via public transportation, here are the directions I found posted at Adventures of Wakaouji's blog:

"If you’re coming from Baguio, ride a jeep bound for Tomay, La Trinidad. Asked the driver to drop you at the intersection going to Barangay Tawang. You should see a signboard of La Trinidad National highschool at the entrance of the intersection. Walk and you should pass by the Tawang Stone church, the trail going to the summit starts near the Tawang Elementary School.

There is also a jeepney at KM.4 (Pines Park) going to Tawang just tell the driver that you will get off at Sitio Banig."
By the way, we paid around 20-30 pesos for the registration and environmental fee (Sorry I forgot the exact amount but I assure you it won't hurt your budget).

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