I bought an island.

One of the benefits I get from work is having a one month paid vacation leave. So knowing me, what else could be a better way for me to make out the most of this vacation? AAAAAHHHHHHH TRAAAAAAVEEEEELLLLLL!!!

For my first trip this April, my cousin and I decided to do a staycation at a resort island in Occidental Mindoro called Grace Island Resort. Some tag it as the "Maldives of Mindoro" but I can't attest to that yet since I've never been to Maldives.

I've never heard of this resort island before until one morning, my cousin told me about it then I searched it and decided to book an overnight stay there. Allow me to enumerate the things I liked and didn't like during our stay there.

What I liked about Grace Island:
1. Staff are so accommodating, polite and approachable.
2. The place is not too crowded since there are only a number of cottages and rooms to stay in. I think only three groups of guests were booked for an overnight stay when we were there. Other guests were there for a day trip only.
3. The place seemed like a break from the online world because there is no wifi and no signal in the island.

What I didn't like about Grace Island:
1. Since summer heat is terrible in the Philippines, I found it a downside that electricity in the island is just from 6pm-6am.
2. I didn't like the towels because there are lints after using them.
3. Having no wifi and Globe signal was a challenge for me so there were times I wished I have access in the internet. LOL

For more information about Grace Island Resort, just click here.

P.S. You know me too well if you know what I meant about the title of this blog post. HAHA!

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  1. lucky traveler...
    beautiful picture, obviously the place is more beautiful