39th: BOHOL

Bohol marks my 39th province in the Philippines. This trip was my last "hirit" before I got back to work and started my Intersession classes in Graduate School. Supposedly, we were three in this trip (with my two Aunts) but my other Aunt had to back out due to some circumstances so we just ended up being two in this trip. Nonetheless, we still managed to make the most out of our Bohol tour even if we wished we were complete.

Our first day was alloted for Countryside Tour so we visited the famous local destinations. Our first stop was at Baclayon Church. It is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. But unfortunately, an earthquake hit Bohol in 2013 so the church was ruined and it's still under a recovery stage. I had a hard time getting a good shot of the church because scaffolds were all around the structure.

From Loboc Church, we visited the Philippine Tarsier Foundation - a sanctuary for tarsiers.

Tarsiers are nocturnal animals so I was lucky I chanced upon an awake tarsier. :))

Then we headed to Loboc River where we had our river cruise tour and lunch buffet.

After lunch, our next destination was at the Man-made Forest. This forest is made up of mahogany trees which stretches 2 kilometers. According to our tour guide, it was a project initiated by the government several years ago due to the alarming deforestation in Bohol. If Bohol was able to do it years ago, why can't the present government do something about the deforestation in our country? Bohol really sets a good example when it comes to environmental issues we are facing.

Aaaaaand now  here's the world-famous Chocolate Hills!

The Twin Hanging Bridge

Here's another historical landmark in the Philippines - the Blood Compact Shrine. A blood compact was performed between Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Raja Sikatuna as a symbol of treaty or friendship between the Spaniards and the Filipinos.

Our last stop for the day was at Bohol Bee Farm. We didn't join the bee farm tour anymore because their scheduled tour didn't match ours so we just tried their organic ice cream instead and I bought some organic food (healthy living daw? Mapagpanggap! HAHAHA).

We tried the Salted Honey and Dragon fruit flavors

Our second day was dedicated for island hopping activity.

Dolphin watching activity..

Balicasag Island..

Virgin Island..

We capped off our Day 2 by watching the sunset.

We didn't have an itinerary on our 3rd day because our flight back to Manila was in the morning.

And that was our short yet fun trip in Bohol. :) Now I'm thinking where will my 40th be? Any suggestions? :)))

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