What You See is What I Ate in HK

One of the easiest ways to make me happy is to FEED ME! If you did something wrong to me, I can be easily bribed with food (except for serious matters hahaha). I am not a picky eater. I can eat at hole-in-the-wall food stores or even at a random street food stall. More so, it is not a necessity for me to eat in fine dining or Michelin-star restaurants whenever I travel.

In Hong Kong, there are a lot of good fine dining restaurants but when my friends and I went there, we still opted to be more adventurous and tried to eat wherever our feet took us.

Now, if you are a picky eater and and you like fancy restos, I suggest not to continue browsing this post because you might just end up being disappointed. :)

Here are some of the HK food finds we tried and I could say we were satisfied with what we ate.

1) First, what is a trip to HK without a taste of authentic Chinese food? Chinese restos are all around HK and you would probably get confused on which store to choose. But here's my personal tip: when in doubt, choose a resto where a lot of people eat and there's a long queue. The downside though is you have to wait but it would be worth the wait for your hungry stomach. :-p

Beef Noodle Soup

Wanton Soup

Plain Noodle Soup

Egg Tarts for dessert

Milk tea

Beef Stir Fried Noodles

Pork Bone Soup

Braised Beef Soup

Pork and Vegetable Dumpling

2) While taking a stroll along Victoria Harbor, we saw these food trucks. Why not?

steamed pork bun. It doesn't look like it's as big as when you see it in person.

3) I told you I could eat street food.

Bacon-wrapped sausage

Grilled octopus


Hong Kong is funner the second time around!

Hong Kong was my first out of the country trip. It was 2011, I was in 3rd year college then, when I first went there with my best friend's sister. That's why Hong Kong will always be memorable for me.

6 years later, I went back but this time I was with my long-time friends and classmates since preschool. It was our second trip together as a trio. Our first trip together was three years ago in Bangkok, Thailand. Since it was both their first time in HK, I was the one in charge with the itinerary and I became their human Google maps because my two friends were so efficient that they gave all the job to me in finding which directions, train and train stations, etc. we should go to. (Hi Wei and Nhx! Can you smell sarcasm over here? HAHAHA love you!)

On our first day, we explored Tsim Sha Tsui area since our hotel was just within the area. We walked around Kowloon Park, Harbour City, and Victoria Harbour.

Then we watched the Symphony of Lights but we were disappointed because we expected more. Expectation really ruins everything, huh? At the end of the lights show, all of us were like "That was it already???"

Second day was allotted for DisneyLand! It was gloomy that day and rain was in the forecast but it didn't stop us from channeling the Disney kids in us.

The Lion King Show

On our third day, we went around HK's SOHO district, Hollywood Road, Pottinger Street and shopping at night market.

HK Street Art

The iconic cobblestone steps of Pottinger Street

It's crazy and exciting whenever I travel with friends especially with my HK buddies because they are always game for anything may it be grabbing some drinks at a nearby bar, buying snacks every now and then no matter how much we complain how broke we are or just simply going at any random place wherever our feet take us.

To these two long-time friends of mine, here's to more travels together in the future! Cheers to more than two decades of crazy friendship! :)