THE LONE TRAVELER SERIES: Rediscovering Baguio from the Lens of a Foodie

I don't know what actually hit me but all I know 1) I want to detox from work, 2) I want to pig out one weekend since I've been starving on a diet since the first day of 2017 and 3) I want to go to a place somewhere cold and being the impulsive me, then Baguio it is!

I've been to Baguio several times with friends to go sightseeing and trek on the mountains but I haven't really explored  Baguio's food scene on my own. Before, it really feels weird to get the questions "Mag-isa ka lang?? Bakit wala kang kasama??" but I'm already used to it now so a big deadma na lang whenever I get that question then flash a big grin to the one asking. :-D

One whole day was already enough for me to try several food places in Baguio. I'm the type of person who eats fast and gets full easily so I should have my strategic plan to make this solo food trip worth it. Two things I had in my mind: 1) Eat something light first and 2) Walk a lot and see some sights before heading to my next food stop. I guess my plan worked?? Be the  judge. Here goes my Baguio solo foodventure! :)))

First Stop: OH MY GULAY! 
Location: Session Road, Baguio (5th floor of La Azotea Building)

From the name itself, you can probably have an idea that this is a resto for vegetarians. I'm no vegetarian but this is actually the perfect first stop for me to grab a light meal. Besides the food, I really appreciate the feel of the place because I could see several works of art on display and if you know me too well, you know how much it makes me giddy.

Ambiance: 10/10 (sorry a bit biased here 'coz of the presence of art works :-p)
Food: 9/10
Price: Mid to high budget
Wifi Zone: Yes

Dayap Iced tea (lime-infused brewed iced tea)

Lumpia Salad (crispy tofu rolls on a bed of mixed greens tossed with hones mustard and Asian dressing)

Location: 26 Outlook Drive, Baguio

This is a relatively new place in Baguio because the last time I visited Baguio (some time in 2016), I haven't heard about it yet and judging the place's interiors, it's a newly established one. It's funny though how I knew about this place. I knew about it when I was watching Septic Tank 2 movie and they used this as one of the shooting locations (the scene when Jericho and Eugene where reenacting the three levels of hugot. Oh I'm such a keen observer. Hahaha)

Ambiance: 10/10 (I love the overlooking view of Baguio from the veranda)
Food: 9/10 (I'm a fan of Greek cuisine but sorry Lemon and Olives, La Union's Gefseis Greek Resto is still my fave)
Price: Mid to High
Wifi Zone: Yes

Lemon Ginger Cold Tea

Saganaki (the signature appetizer of Lemon and Olives. Imported pan-fried Greek cheese with fresh lemon). This one's too salty for my palate even after I squeezed the lemon to neutralize it.

Chicken Gyro

Location: St. Patrick's Village, South Drive, Baguio

Time for dessert!!!! I've been looking forward to this part of my foodventure because I'm such a sucker for sweets! Cafe D' Angelo has two branches. The other branch is located at Chapis Village, Marcos Highway while the branch I visited is hidden inside St. Patrick's Village.

Ambiance: 8/10
Dessert: 9/10
Price: Budget-friendly to Mid
Wifi: Yes

Rhum Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (braving the cold weather with an ice cream! How ironic hahaha!)

White Mocha

Location: Ridge Residence V Delos Reyes Street, Outlook Drive, Baguio

It was 17 degrees cold (sorry lamigin po kasi talaga ako kaya lamig na lamig na ako diyan hehe) that dinner time and I don't know which to attend to first - satisfy my stomach or make myself feel warm? I guess the former won.

Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 10/10
Price: High budget
Wifi: Yes

Salmon Burger in Black Bun

Cafe Adriana Salad

The next day I had to head home to Tarlac already but before leaving Baguio, I had my last food hirit! *oink oink*

Location: 72 Legarda Road, Campo Sioco, Baguio

I've been meaning to try this resto whenever I visit Baguio but I never had the chance to until this trip. Finallyyyyyyy! Worth the wait (wow parang lovelife lang? Chosss). By the way, I suggest you make reservations before dining here because a lot of people go here.

Ambiance: 8/10
Food: 10/10
Budget: High
Wifi: Yes

California Maki


Beef Yakiniku

I mentioned earlier that as my way to get hungry again in time for my next food stop, I did a lot of walking. Here are few photos I took in between those long walks :)

*Special thanks to my little sister, Do-an Rivera for allowing me to sleep in your place. :)

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