The Masungi Adventure

What could be a better way to begin the summer season with an adventure with your closest friends? I can't think of any because whenever I hear the word summer, besides the beach, all I can think about is spending it out with your friends.

Unlike our spontaneous trips before with my college friends, it took us months to plan for this adventure. It's kinda ironic though because this was our nearest adventure as compared to our Benguet mountain hiking and Sorsogon beach getaway. But there's a reason why it took us months to plan and wait for our Masungi adventure. We talked about this adventure some time in November and planned to go on one weekend in January but due to to the big number of reservations, all the weekends we were eyeing were reserved already so we had no choice but to reserve the first Saturday of April which was April 1st.

Fast forward to April and the adventure we have all been waiting for finally came! Below are some snapshots from our Masungi experience.

We started our trail at 1:00pm (yes we were under the scorching heat of the sun!). It took us about 4 hours to finish the trail (still depends on your pace and of course the picture taking sessions which usually eat most of the time hahaha *guilty over here*)

One of our favorite parts was the "Sapot" (Spider Web).

Doing our squad's signature travel shot - the Oblation.

Our "Galak" shot ("tawa tayo guys yung may sound para mas natural" hahahaha)

Another part that we liked was the "Duyan" (Hammock). Sadly, we didn't get to take good photos here because it rained when we were in this part of the trail. What's even worse was the rain stopped when we left the area few minutes later.

Here's a view of "Duyan" from above..

The hanging bridge..

We ended the trail via the "Bayawak" (Monitor Lizard) part.

Lastly, here's our obligatory group shots. :)))

That 4-hour trail was worth all the exhaustion because were not just able to satisfy our adventurous side but we were also able to appreciate the beauty of nature and realize how important it is to take care of it and preserve it. :)

If you want to know more about Masungi and want to experience the adventure too, you may visit their website: http://www.masungigeoreserve.com/

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