The Good Old Summertime in PH

This is a long overdue post because it has been 4 months since this beach getaway. I know I'm always late whenever I post my travels and adventures because there are certain circumstances that come my way and they eat up all my time (not to mention them anymore). Nevertheless, I still want to share it even though summer is over in the Philippines (but it's still summer anyway in the country where I am writing this post right now. Greetings from the US! HAHA)

Summer in the Philippines isn't complete without hitting the beach since my country is a tropical one. But I had some firsts in this beach trip last April: 1) it was my first time to spend Holy Week in the beach 'coz I just usually stay at home during Holy Week 2) it was my first time in Oriental Mindoro which by the way is my 40th out of the 81 provinces in the PH and 3) it was my first time to join a new group of travelers from Ateneo (the institution where I am working at).

So as not to make this post too lengthy, what we basically did was to hop on different islands. Below were some of the pristine beaches of Oriental Mindoro.





P.S. My apologies if this post looks crammed because I don't have much time and I still have a lot of photos to fix and posts to write such as my Japan, HK and US trips. I'll make it up in my upcoming posts. :) <3

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