Hong Kong is funner the second time around!

Hong Kong was my first out of the country trip. It was 2011, I was in 3rd year college then, when I first went there with my best friend's sister. That's why Hong Kong will always be memorable for me.

6 years later, I went back but this time I was with my long-time friends and classmates since preschool. It was our second trip together as a trio. Our first trip together was three years ago in Bangkok, Thailand. Since it was both their first time in HK, I was the one in charge with the itinerary and I became their human Google maps because my two friends were so efficient that they gave all the job to me in finding which directions, train and train stations, etc. we should go to. (Hi Wei and Nhx! Can you smell sarcasm over here? HAHAHA love you!)

On our first day, we explored Tsim Sha Tsui area since our hotel was just within the area. We walked around Kowloon Park, Harbour City, and Victoria Harbour.

Then we watched the Symphony of Lights but we were disappointed because we expected more. Expectation really ruins everything, huh? At the end of the lights show, all of us were like "That was it already???"

Second day was allotted for DisneyLand! It was gloomy that day and rain was in the forecast but it didn't stop us from channeling the Disney kids in us.

The Lion King Show

On our third day, we went around HK's SOHO district, Hollywood Road, Pottinger Street and shopping at night market.

HK Street Art

The iconic cobblestone steps of Pottinger Street

It's crazy and exciting whenever I travel with friends especially with my HK buddies because they are always game for anything may it be grabbing some drinks at a nearby bar, buying snacks every now and then no matter how much we complain how broke we are or just simply going at any random place wherever our feet take us.

To these two long-time friends of mine, here's to more travels together in the future! Cheers to more than two decades of crazy friendship! :)


Foodrambling in Japan!

Before I go on a trip: "I won't eat a lot when I get there because I don't want to get fat and I don't want to spend too much."

During the trip: "Ohmygaaahd this looks so delicious! I want to try this and that!!! What diet? What money? Forget those fats and calories! Forget about saving money. I swear I"ll workout when I get home. I'm going to have money anyway in the next payday. EATING MAKES ME HAPPY ANYWAY!" HAHAHAHA

Folks, this is the story of my life when I go on a trip. I always end up surrendering to my food cravings and trying something new especially when I travel abroad. Tell meeeeeee, how could you say nooooooooo to food??!!! I CAN'T HUHUHU.

Okay enough of my food drama. Just a little heads up, food photos overload ahead! :) By the way, most of the food that my friends and I tried were the ones sold in hole-in-the-wall stores or in famous food streets because 1) it's cheaper and 2) there's a long queue of people so it means the food there is a must try.

What we ate at Asakusa area

Legit Takoyaki!

Curry Bun

Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

Taiyaki - Japanese fish-shaped cake

Red bean-flavored taiyaki
Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

Deep Green Tea ice cream. Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

What we tried at Akihabara area

Pablo is famous for its cheese tart.

Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

Cheese tart! <3

A very small food store  known for its Tsukemen which accommodates few customers and the queue here is always long

While waiting for our turn to be seated. Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico
See how small the dining area is?

Tsukemen is like ramen but the difference is that noodles are eaten after being dipped in a separate bowl of soup. Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

Tsukiji Fish Market Street Food Finds

Deep Fried Squid

Crab Meat

Scallop and Squid Skewer. Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

Rolled omelette

Japanese Beef Stew

Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

When in Disney - food here is expensive so we didn't buy much. We just tried some interesting snacks.

Mickey-shaped popsicle. Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

Chandu's Tail - steamed bun stuffed with chicken filling

Ukiwah Bun with shrimp filling

When in Hakone

Japanese hopia. Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

Ninja-shaped waffles

Owakudani black egg - Japanese legend says that if you eat one of this, it can add seven years to one's life. Photo courtesy of Glen Tuico

Random Food Finds -
when hunger strikes and I got no choice, I'll rush to the nearest convenience store or food stall in the area. I love the convenience stores in Japan because their snacks are sooooooo delicious and budget-friendly. There are desserts like cakes to choose from too!

chicken and potato salad + tea from a supermarket in Bunkyo

Yakisoba in Shinjuku

Chicken rice meal in Shinagawa

Bowl of beef strips in Asakusabashi

I am craving for Japanese food while doing this post. Huhu. I miss Japan! I love everything about Japan especially its food and culture. It's my most favorite Asian country I've been so far. :)