3/13: MAINE

And here I am back at blogging about my US trip.. Honestly, I really find myself too slow in posting my adventures because 1) choosing which photos to post is like a major life decision hahaha 2) editing also takes time and 3) my creative juices seem dormant. In short, I'm just lazy! LOL.

Moving on from my "excuses", my third stop was in Maine. Just like Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Maine belongs to the New England region. So you probably understand now why my friends and I chose to have a weekend getaway to Maine. We only had two days, well not really two full days because most of the trip was spent on the road, to explore Maine so we had it planned already on where exactly we would go.

Photo courtesy of Ruslana

Our first stop: PORTLAND

While searching about Portland prior to the trip, the photos of the city were really enticing already. What more in person, right? So when we arrived in Portland and walked around the downtown area, every corner for me was picturesque even it was rainy that time. At night, it wasn't as lively and as busy as New York or Cali but I appreciated the peacefulness exuded from the place.

I love the vibe of cobblestone streets!


According to the US National Park Service website, Acadia is called as the "Crown Jewel of the North Atlantic Coast".  If you love nature, then Acadia is a must visit when in Maine. For adventure lovers, you can try hiking or mountain climbing activity. There are really various ways on how to maximize your experience in Acadia. It just depends on one's interests. Too bad we only had a day to go around. If only we had few more days, we could've seen more of Acadia's beauty. (For more info about Acadia, click the purple text above.)

Photo courtesy of Ruslana

Maine is popular for its lobsters so there's no leaving this place without even eating a lobster dish! Lobsters are a bit pricey so we opted to try the lobster roll instead since we were on a tight budget.

Maine's famous lobster roll! So tastyyyyyyyy!!

Photo courtesy of Ruslana

I wish I could do this kind of road trip again with these crazy yet awesome girls! And by that time, I hope it'll be sunny in Maine. :)



New Hampshire is probably one of the underrated states in the East Coast. Personally speaking, little did I know about this state but when I was placed at a summer camp in New Hampshire, it had a special place in my heart.

It was my home for three months. It was where I met wonderful people. It was where I stepped out of my comfort zone. How is that so? I  will further elaborate on it on a separate post which will be my save the best for last post about my US trip. For now, I will just talk about the places I got to visit during my stay in New Hampshire.


Bedford is a suburb tucked in the city of Manchester. This is where I spent most of my time in New Hampshire since this is the location of my camp. Few minutes away from my camp is a trail which leads you to a nice view of a pond set against the lush trees.


It's the city where I had my first experience of watching a live baseball game.

Grabbed some cookie dough ice cream at Ben and Jerry's :)

Here's a bird's eye view of Manchester City atop Rock Rimmon Park.


My friends from camp and I had a very warm stay here. Special thanks to Michele Tailon (a good friend we met from camp) for opening her home to us and for taking us to places such as parks and blueberry farm.


I got curious about America's Stonehenge so I asked my friends if we could visit Salem. Honestly, I wasn't that impressed with the stone structures but what tapped my interest was how the stone structures can be used to refer as an astronomical calendar and to determine astronomical events like lunar and solar eclipse. I'm not very knowledgeable about astronomy but it's quite interesting.


I thought I was going to leave New Hampshire without visiting its state capital but thanks again to Michele for driving us here and touring us around.

Meet our very hospitable friend - Michele (rightmost)

I'm sure there are more places worth visiting in New Hampshire. Next time!