My short visit to New Jersey wasn't about exploring, it was mainly for family time. When I arrived in the US in May, I wasn't able to see my relatives immediately. It took me almost two months to see my family due to summer camp work. So when I had a chance to have a long break from summer camp work, I immediately booked my bus ticket to New York so my Uncle could pick me up there. Imagine how comforting it was for me to finally see familiar faces and be with people dear to me. Even if I didn't get to explore different places in New Jersey, spending time with my family was more than enough already.

I wasn't able to take much photos so I will just share here some of my snaps. Good thing I was able to save my snaps from Snapchat. :)

Here's a short clip of my first night in New Jersey. I slept at my Uncle's house in Bergenfield.

In the morning, I had the staple Filipino breakfast. This was the first Filipino breakfast I had since my arrival in the US.

Then we watched Spiderman movie.

 After the movie, we headed for a lunch buffet to meet my grandparents.

Then, we drove to NYC for some sightseeing (see previous post about my New York trip). I love how my Uncle's house is just 15-20 minutes drive to NYC.

Tke kids ran out of energy from our NYC tour so we capped off the day by having our dinner at their favorite Thai restaurant.

And on my second/last night in New Jersey, I spent it at my grandparents' place.

Thank you Tito Kelvin and family, Lola Zeny and Lolo Dan for your hospitality during my short stay in New Jersey. 'Til next time! :)

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