If my trip to New Jersey was about family time, then my quick trip to Delaware was about catching up with my godmother (it's actually her late husband who is my legit godfather but then I already consider her my "Ninang").

In my whole life, there were only two godparents that I really knew and met in person: my dad's brother and my mom's friend. *Quick side story why I'm not familiar with my other godparents: I was baptized in Rome, Italy and I was just a baby when my parents brought me home to the Philippines. So while growing up, I really didn't meet my other godparents since (I think) most of them are still in Italy. (I'm not so sure though hehe)

Going back.. Besides the two godparents that I know of, I had the chance to meet another godparent in US. She saw me on Facebook and knew I was in the States so she called me and invited me to visit her in Delaware. See how the power of social networking sites works!

When I got to Delaware, I didn't have the luxury of time to explore the state. My purpose of visit there was really to meet my godparent.

I arrived in Delaware late night because I came from New York to meet my college friend. It took me two hours to get to Wilmington, Delaware.

When we got home, I was surprised that my Ninang prepared a dinner feast for me. I felt shy because there was only one person to feed and I don't really eat a lot during dinner.

Tell me how am I going to finish all these???

After my late dinner, time to get some rest because it was a very exhausting day for me. I traveled to three states in one day. (Side story: I was in Boston, MA in the morning then New York in the afternoon then Delaware in the evening) It was so nice of my Ninang to prepare a whole room for me. Honestly, it's one of the best feelings ever whenever I sleep in a room of my own because in the Philippines I'm used to having my own room.

Next day, it was our godmother-goddaughter bonding. Our first stop was at a coffee shop. Then we had a bit of shopping and went to a park to see the sunset.

It was great catching up with my Ninang who I met after 25 years because I heard a lot of stories and I got to know more about my parents especially my late mom when they were working together in Italy.

To my Ninang Joyce, thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality when I was in Delaware. I know you're busy at work yet you gave some of your time to meet me, get to know me, tell stories and say nice things about my mom. I hope to see you again:)

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