Having immediate family members living in the US has a lot of perks: free accommodation, free food, free tour and even sponsored plane tickets from one state to another. Hihihi.

From this post up to the 13th state, my posts will be about visiting my dad's siblings and of course, my father included. For my first stop is my dad's youngest brother - Tito Hilbert who lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I love how their house is situated along a street named Memory Lane. How nostalgic.

When I arrived at my uncle's house, this note from Julia (my younger cousin) welcomed me. (But she didn't wake up hahaha)

I was really touched when I saw this in her reminder board.

My uncle already gave me a heads up before that there's nothing much to see in their town and I'm fine with it as long as I'm with my family. But he still took me to Downtown Rock Hill just because.. hahaha

For dinner..

Half ribs + mashed sweet potatoes!

My other cousin Mikkel wasn't home in Rock Hill when I arrived because he's currently studying in Clemson University (he's taking up Chemical Engineering). So we visited him and he toured us around his campus.

I'm super duper proud of him because he's so hardworking and smart (like his ate ehemm hahaha jk)! I can't believe he's already in college. It seemed just a while ago when he was running around our house and playing with his toys. Haaaay. Since when did you grow up too fast????

Feeling Tiger for a day!

I couldn't get any more grateful to this family. Thank you Tito Hilbert, Tita Pam, Mikkel and Julia for a memorable stay in South Carolina.

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