I rarely fan girl to someone but when I do, I am hardcore. *ehemmm Ian Somerhalder ehemmm JaDine*

Before I went crazy for Ian Somerhalder and JaDine, One Tree Hill (OTH) came first. One Tree Hill is an American tv series shown from 2003 to 2012 (with 9 seasons). This tv series was part of my journey from high school to college that's why I'm very sentimental towards OTH. Also, I fell in love with this tv series because I can relate to a lot of characters especially Haley. If you've seen the series and you know me too well, you'll understand why. *wink*

Just like what I said earlier, I rarely fan girl but once someone caught my attention, I'll do what it takes to make my fan girl heart happy. Hihi. If you've been following my blog, I posted about my crazy fan girl experiences from meeting Ian Somerhalder in person when he visited the Philippines to getting a surprise from a former student who took me to OTWOL (On the Wings of Love) set visit.

So now, I'm taking my fan girling to a different level. Hahaha. It's been a longtime dream to visit the filming location of One Tree Hill. Yes, it's in my bucket list. Seeing the characters in person would be a bonus though. Nevertheless, I'm already happy just to visit OTH's filming location. When I went to the States, I swore to myself that I will NEVER leave the US without going to Wilmington, North Carolina where my favorite tv series ever was filmed. And dreams do come true. I scrapped another item from my bucket list yahooooooo! *my fan girl heart is sooooo happy*

Several scenes from OTH were shot in Wilimington, NC but I only visited those memorable and iconic spots from the series. (By the way, some places were not as exactly the same as the one shown in the series because some were altered based on the show's design needs.)

1) One Tree Hill Bridge

In the opening credits of OTH, Lucas Scott (played by Chad Michael Murray) was passing by this bridge against the sunset.

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2) Tree Hill High

 Tree Hill High played a big role in the tv series because it's one of the places where the main character's high school life revolved from Season 1-4.

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3) Carolina Beach

One of my favorite scenes that was shot in the beach was when Nathan and Haley skipped class and went to Nathan's beach house. Another favorite scene, uhmmm you'll know why.. hihi

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4) Brooke's House

Brooke (played by Sophia Davis) is probably the most strong-willed character for me. She went through a lot from Season 1 to 9. After all the hardships and heartbreaks she went through, the most memorable scene for me was when she went back to where it all started - her house. What made the scene more special was when Julian (Brooke's husband) bought the house again for her because she had so many memories there and built her dreams there. Awwww.

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5) Peyton's House

For me, it's probably Peyton's House (specifically her room) where a lot of dark and sad scenes happened like Peyton getting harassed by her faux-stepbrother, Peyton and Brooke fighting and ending their friendship, and some of Peyton and Lucas' heartbreaking conversations. Hay. This is my least favorite OTH spot.

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6) Lucas' House

Meanwhile at Lucas' house, several dramatic scenes were filmed here like heart-touching scenes between Lucas and his mom and best-friend-goals type of conversation between Lucas and Haley.

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7) Grace Street

Here's a conversation between Brooke and Haley from the finale episode of Season 9 which encapsulates why it's so memorable in the series..

Brooke: I like that our street is called Grace. I've never known anybody with as much of it as you.
Haley: It'll be a nice corner.
Brooke: It'll be our corner.

I love how this place evolved during the whole run of OTH.. From being Karen's Cafe little corner, it became Haley and Brooke's corner for their business ventures.

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8) Cracker Jack Table at Riverwalk

Last but not the least, my MOST FAVORITE place simply because this is where it all started for Nathan and Haley. I've been rooting for their love story since Season 1. Their love story still inspires me and makes my heart melt until now even though it's just fictional. I'm such a sucker for a story like theirs. Lol.

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Besides Wilmington, we had a quick trip to Mooresville to grab some Filipino food. Just because I miss Filipino food.

Special thanks to my Tito Hilbert for supporting my crazy fan girling and for driving me to Wilmington even if it's far from their house in South Carolina. Hihi. I got the most supportive family members. :))))

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