California is all rainbows and unicorns

Visiting California never fails to put me in a state of perpetual bliss due to various reasons (I think my photo below shows lol). One, there's so much to see and explore. Second, California feels like home away from home because there are a lot of Filipinos you encounter especially in the Bay Area. And third, visiting Cali gives me the opportunity to be reunited with people I love such as my family and some friends.

My first visit in Cali was already full of fun but I guess it just keeps getting better every time I go back there, just so to speak as of writing. My second visit was a totally different experience. If in 2017 I flew to the US alone, this time my best friend who is also like a part of our family joined me in this trip.

During our first day, my Tita Helen and her husband picked us at the airport. We grabbed a quick brunch then we were already on the go for some sightseeing because we wanted to maximize my bff's one week stay in the US! (Just one week vacation in the US? Seriously? Well, welcome to Wei's busy world of being a pharmacy owner. Hindi raw niya maiwan nang matagal ang business niya. Hahaha nakssss. If I know.. hmmm oh well.. I'll keep quiet na lang. Hahaha)

We toured around Downtown San Francisco then met other relatives for another tour. The highlight of our first day in Cali was the Alcatraz Island Tour! I missed this tour two years ago because we didn't book our tickets in advanced. Good thing my Tita Michelle already secured our tickets few weeks before we arrived. You are the best, Tita!


Alcatraz Island served as the federal prison for some of the most dangerous civilian prisoners from 1934-1963.

The next day, we headed on a road trip to SoCal (Southern California) to visit my grandmother in San Diego.


We went on a day trip to LA from San Diego and did the LA starter pack tour (as per my friend's term haha): Hollywood sign, Walk of Fame, LA County Museum of Arts, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Sta. Monica Pier.


In our trip to LA, it was only me, my bff and Tita Michelle who went there. But in our mini San Diego tour, the whole fam went with us (including the babies yaayyyy). We walked around Seaport Village, saw the Kissing Statue and took some photos in Coronado Beach.

Besides touring San Diego with the family, a schoolmate back in high school was very thoughtful to meet us up and drive us around town. She took us to Balboa Park for some sightseeing then to North Park to grab some food and fun drinks.


A dream come true! For me, this was the highlight of my trip to California this year! All I can say is the place was breathtaking!


On  my last day in Cali (before I flew to Colorado), I spent my last day to meet and catch up with a college friend and a former student. My bff wasn't able to join me anymore because it was her flight back to PH.

De Young Observation Deck

Elite houseboats at Sausalito

The View Lounge

To end my long post, I have the following people to thank for always making my stay in California an awesome one:

1) My Tita Helen and Tito Joe, thank you for always picking me up and driving me back to the airport and adopting me in your house whenever I'm in California.

Also, I'm so happy I saw the twins again!

2) Thank you Tita Michelle for taking us to places and for being the most patient driver I know! I couldn't even remember how many miles you drove just to make sure we visit the places we wanted to visit! Thank you for spoiling me huhu love you. Thank you also to Tito Dan for driving us to Pinole.

3) Lola Bea and Lola Rey, thank you for opening your house to your noisy visitors for few days and for cooking us delicious meals during our stay in San Diego. Mommy Lily, Tita Nikka and CK, thank you for your hospitality in Stockton. I loved the fresh celery juice and the mango graham cake!

4) Thank you Tita Jen for meeting us in LA in spite your busy schedule and for treating us to dinner!

5) Tita Marion, thank you for welcoming us in your lovely home even if it was a very quick stay and a short notice.

6) To my college orgmate, Engr. Carlo Calma (naks hahaha), I'm so grateful you cleared your schedule to meet me even if you already had prior plans. Thank you for driving me around SF. Haha

7) Thank you to my former student, Tomy, for finding time to see me. I'm so proud to see how you've become.

8) To Sandra, our schoolmate back in high school, thank you for meeting your Ates. We didn't get to see each other in high school because our batch already graduated from HS when you were a freshman but we really appreciate you reaching out to us.

That's it. I hope you understand now why California is all rainbows and unicorns for me. :)

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