How to Make me Happy? FEED ME!

Happiness is not always found in grand gestures or in magnificence of things. Sometimes happiness can be found in simple things like a cone of ice cream, a slice of pizza and the like. In other words, food is one of my happiness. Hahahaha. See? It's so easy to make me happy.

I usually get this question whenever I post about food "Why are you not getting fat????!?" I don't know either. Haha. Eating is one of my guilty pleasures whenever I travel. I don't care about diet or calorie count whenever I eat during my travels. I would always make an excuse for myself that it's okay to eat a lot because I will work out anyway and hit the gym when I get home. I guess it kinda worked for me.

To make it simple, here's how it is for me when I'm on a trip either local or abroad: TRAVEL-EAT-SLEEP-EAT..

When I get home from my trip: WORK-GYM-HOME.. (of course, this is too ideal! I also eat a lot sometimes though hahahaha who am I kidding???!)

During my trip to the US last April, I went on a carb and calorie-loading spree. The photos below will prove it!

When in US, American food is a must!

THE MELT - I love anything with cheese (thank goodness I wasn't born lactose intolerant) so when I knew about this place in SF that has cheese in all their menu, I asked my Aunt to bring me here.

In N' Out Burger - need I say more? It's a Cali thing.

Rib Shack - I tried this when I was in South Carolina. Nothing really extraordinary. But what I love about eating at an American food place is I get to order my favorite sides -- SWEET POTATO FRIES!!!

Mac's Bar-B-Q is a fusion of American and German food. It's popular in Texas.

Meanwhile, Mexican food is also a good choice if you're sick of American food. I tried two Mexican restos. One is a famous Mexican food place in San Diego named Tacos El Gordo while the other one is popular in Texas which is Rosa's Cafe.

Taco de Asada

Adobada Fries
Rosa's Cafe

But of all cuisines, for me you can never go wrong with Asian food. Call me biased because I am Asian but I wouldn't trade Asian food to any other cuisine. The first Asian resto I tried during my trip was at Din Tai Fung. This resto originated in Taiwan. Funny how I wasn't able to try it when I was in Taiwan and we also have this in the Philippines but I didn't try their branch here yet. My first Din Tai Fung experience was actually in LA. hahaha.

Japanese rolls are also my fave! My family brought me here when I visited them in South Carolina.

Only few people I know like Vietnamese food. Count me in! We stopped by at this Pho Noodle resto during our side trip to Austin, Texas.

Ooops. I'm not yet done. There's always room for dessert. :)

LA's famous donuts: Randy's

Personal fave: Buttercrumb

Ice cream parlor in San Francisco: Salt and Straw. I tried the limited edition flavor Jasmin Blossom Milk Tea and Chocolate.

This ice cream shop called The Latest Scoop in San Angelo, Texas satisfied my sweet tooth! Ordered the Blue Lavender and Mexican Vanilla flavor.

The View's Peach Melba Cheesecake in San Francisco.

The Milk Bar in San Diego.

Some fun drinks during my catching up session with a college orgmate.

I feel hungry now.. uhhh-ohhh..

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