Not Alone at The Lone Star State

Texas may be tagged as the Lone Star Sate but its name won't make any effect on how I feel. There is no room to feel lonely for me because I have family there who always welcome me and make me feel like home. Naks naipilit ang play of words. HAHAHAHA. But seriously speaking, Texas may not be as appealing to me as other states I've been to, yet I always look forward visiting there because of my family. It's my second visit in Texas and I really appreciate how my family makes time for me.

Here's a quick post of my trip to Texas. We roamed around Downtown San Angelo (since my family lives there) and went on a weekend trip to Fredericksburg.


My cousin Angelo


This city was highly influenced by Germans so when you visit its Historic district, the architecture, establishment names and food give you a German feels.

Few miles away from the Historic district are various vineyards offering wine tours. This part of Fredericksburg reminds me of California's Napa Valley.

Special thanks to my Tita Hilda and Tito June for adopting me for a week. You know what I went through just to get to Texas then get back to San Francisco a day before my flight to PH. HAHAHA what an experience of flight delays and cancellations! Thank you for your patience!

I realized we didn't take a photo together so I'll just use the photo from my first visit in 2017. :))

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